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Last Monday’s powerpoints and Democratic Economic Power Definitions

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Hi Co-op People


You can find the powerpoints from last week’s class sessions on this page:


All of the team definitions of Democratic Economic Power are here:

Read them — they are interesting!  And if your team hasn’t uploaded yours yet please do so.

See you soon.


This Week in Co-op Class

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Hi Co-op People

Here is what is going on this week in our class:

  1. Your Team’s Definition of Democratic Economic Power:  Please make sure you’ve submitted your team’s definition of “democratic economic power” by 5 PM this evening.  Submit on the [Due by 5 pm Sept 17] section, “Submit Teamwork” tab on this assignment page.
  2. Tonight’s Agenda: 
    • Welcome back, burning questions, logistics, desired outcomes for today’s session.
    • Feedback re: when your questions from the co-op interviews may be addressed over the course of this class
    • Remaining Co-op Interview Presentations: Mandela, Design Action, Tilde & Community Language, Caracol, CORE Staffing & TightShift (briefly, please)
    • Example Definitions of Democratic Economic Power
    • Business Model Canvas Overview with Example
    • Business Model Canvas Team Exercise and Debrief
    • Description of Next Week’s Assignment: Value Proposition Canvas

See you soon


How to pay for Dinner in the Co-op Class

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Here is how to pay for your dinner in the co-op class:

Venmo:  Said is our class banker, so send funds to @said-fallaahi (suggested contribution $5, pay what you can).  (I tried it.  It works.)

Cash: bring your contribution to class (preferably in advance) and give it to Said (as my father-in-law used to say, gravely, “cash makes no enemies.”

Question:  which team is willing to provide dinner on 9-24?

See you monday.


Food Allergies and Such

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Hi Coop People

Regarding our food program:

1. Here is a list of our collective food allergies/sensitivities:

  • No shellfish
  • No gluten (prefer protein/low-carb)
  • No fried meat or pork
  • No fish
  • No cheese
  • Dairy-free would be awesome
  • There are at least two vegetarians
  • No sugar, no bleach
  • No shrimp
  • No peppers (red/green/yellow/chile)
  • No peaches or nectarines

2.Here is a list of our current agreements

  • Payment method: May be made by Venmo or cash. Said will set up a class venmo account and you will be provided with the link when that is available. Re: cash, this is easiest and most straightforward. Hand cash to Said and he will keep accounts and pay the cooking team of the week.
  • Payment contributions: The suggested weekly contribution is $5. People who can pay more may do so. People who need to pay less may do so. No one will be denied food.
  • Next week’s food team: Antena.  Do we have a volunteer team for the following week [Sept 24]?
  • Tiny Teams: We will connect them with another tiny team or supplement with faculty.

This Week in Co-op Class

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Hi Everyone

A couple of things:

  1.  August 27 Presentations: In case it is interesting or useful to you: I created a page on the course website that contains the presentations that Alfredo, Yuki, and I did last week.  You may find it here:
  3. Reminder:  Your team interview-with-a-coop assignment is due today by 5 PM. Submit through the  “submit team assignments tab” on the “Due by 5 PM Sept 10” section of this page:
  5. Today’s Agenda: Key items include: answering any burning questions, cleaning up our logistics, hearing results of co-op interviews, and building our own framework for democratic economic power.  Note: some teams, through no fault of their own,  either have not been able to arrange an interview or will be meeting with them face-to-face during the co-op conference. They have permission for a late submittal and we will hear their results next week.

See you tonight.


Welcome to the Worker Co-op Class Website

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Hi Everyone:

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

Here is the link to our course website (still a work-in-progress, but there is plenty there to check out).

You can see everything on the site without logging in, but in order to post and add content, you need to login. Your login name is the email you gave us to join the class. Instructions on how to get your password are in a little video Q & A section of the site:

If you have time, it would be nice if you can set that up by Monday.

If you don’t or have any difficulties, no worries. We can do that next week.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend.



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This is where you can post questions and expect an answer as a comment from one or more of the faculty or your peers.

To get you  started, here are some videos to get you familiar with using this website:

How to set up your password and login [the first time and forevermore]

Navigating the Website

How to Upload Your Assignments

How to Post & Reply to Posts