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Last Monday’s powerpoints and Democratic Economic Power Definitions

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Hi Co-op People


You can find the powerpoints from last week’s class sessions on this page:


All of the team definitions of Democratic Economic Power are here:

Read them — they are interesting!  And if your team hasn’t uploaded yours yet please do so.

See you soon.


This Week in Co-op Class

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Hi Co-op People

Here is what is going on this week in our class:

  1. Your Team’s Definition of Democratic Economic Power:  Please make sure you’ve submitted your team’s definition of “democratic economic power” by 5 PM this evening.  Submit on the [Due by 5 pm Sept 17] section, “Submit Teamwork” tab on this assignment page.
  2. Tonight’s Agenda: 
    • Welcome back, burning questions, logistics, desired outcomes for today’s session.
    • Feedback re: when your questions from the co-op interviews may be addressed over the course of this class
    • Remaining Co-op Interview Presentations: Mandela, Design Action, Tilde & Community Language, Caracol, CORE Staffing & TightShift (briefly, please)
    • Example Definitions of Democratic Economic Power
    • Business Model Canvas Overview with Example
    • Business Model Canvas Team Exercise and Debrief
    • Description of Next Week’s Assignment: Value Proposition Canvas

See you soon


How to pay for Dinner in the Co-op Class

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Here is how to pay for your dinner in the co-op class:

Venmo:  Said is our class banker, so send funds to @said-fallaahi (suggested contribution $5, pay what you can).  (I tried it.  It works.)

Cash: bring your contribution to class (preferably in advance) and give it to Said (as my father-in-law used to say, gravely, “cash makes no enemies.”

Question:  which team is willing to provide dinner on 9-24?

See you monday.


Food Allergies and Such

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Hi Coop People

Regarding our food program:

1. Here is a list of our collective food allergies/sensitivities:

  • No shellfish
  • No gluten (prefer protein/low-carb)
  • No fried meat or pork
  • No fish
  • No cheese
  • Dairy-free would be awesome
  • There are at least two vegetarians
  • No sugar, no bleach
  • No shrimp
  • No peppers (red/green/yellow/chile)
  • No peaches or nectarines

2.Here is a list of our current agreements

  • Payment method: May be made by Venmo or cash. Said will set up a class venmo account and you will be provided with the link when that is available. Re: cash, this is easiest and most straightforward. Hand cash to Said and he will keep accounts and pay the cooking team of the week.
  • Payment contributions: The suggested weekly contribution is $5. People who can pay more may do so. People who need to pay less may do so. No one will be denied food.
  • Next week’s food team: Antena.  Do we have a volunteer team for the following week [Sept 24]?
  • Tiny Teams: We will connect them with another tiny team or supplement with faculty.

This Week in Co-op Class

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Hi Everyone

A couple of things:

  1.  August 27 Presentations: In case it is interesting or useful to you: I created a page on the course website that contains the presentations that Alfredo, Yuki, and I did last week.  You may find it here:
  3. Reminder:  Your team interview-with-a-coop assignment is due today by 5 PM. Submit through the  “submit team assignments tab” on the “Due by 5 PM Sept 10” section of this page:
  5. Today’s Agenda: Key items include: answering any burning questions, cleaning up our logistics, hearing results of co-op interviews, and building our own framework for democratic economic power.  Note: some teams, through no fault of their own,  either have not been able to arrange an interview or will be meeting with them face-to-face during the co-op conference. They have permission for a late submittal and we will hear their results next week.

See you tonight.