Food Allergies and Such

By September 11, 2018September 14th, 2018Email Alerts

Hi Coop People

Regarding our food program:

1. Here is a list of our collective food allergies/sensitivities:

  • No shellfish
  • No gluten (prefer protein/low-carb)
  • No fried meat or pork
  • No fish
  • No cheese
  • Dairy-free would be awesome
  • There are at least two vegetarians
  • No sugar, no bleach
  • No shrimp
  • No peppers (red/green/yellow/chile)
  • No peaches or nectarines

2.Here is a list of our current agreements

  • Payment method: May be made by Venmo or cash. Said will set up a class venmo account and you will be provided with the link when that is available. Re: cash, this is easiest and most straightforward. Hand cash to Said and he will keep accounts and pay the cooking team of the week.
  • Payment contributions: The suggested weekly contribution is $5. People who can pay more may do so. People who need to pay less may do so. No one will be denied food.
  • Next week’s food team: Antena.  Do we have a volunteer team for the following week [Sept 24]?
  • Tiny Teams: We will connect them with another tiny team or supplement with faculty.

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