1. Choice of own works.
    (See “Contract” by David Ellerman.)
  2. Choice to fund or contribute labor to projects, with help of surplus from own prior works.
    (See interplay between self-determination and sovereignty in “Freedom beyond the threshold: self-determination, sovereignty, and global justice” by Ayelet Banai, and the anthropological definitions of mutual credit and gift exchange economies in “Debt: The First 5000 Years” by David Graeber.)
  3. Influence on overall process of any actively and directly contributed to collective works.  
    (See Noisebridge definition of do-ocracy.)
  4. Personal ability to define value, including influence on shared values of the collective team whole.
    (See Humanistic Capitalism and Marxist labor value.)
  5. Autonomy of choice, mastery of chosen skill set, and purpose in a chosen collective mission.
    (See “Drive” by Dan Pink.)
  6. Choice of direct representatives or proxies by topic area.
    (See definitions of direct representation and leadership in  “Swarmwise” by Rick Falkvinge.)
  7. Votes on any topic affecting own life or works, in accordance with the care and energy personally afforded to each topic.
    (See “Honest Signals: How They Shape Our World” by Alex (Sandy) Pentland et al. and “Score Voting” by The Center For Election Science.)


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