What is Democratic Economic Power?

By Las Promotoras Team:

Carmen Aparicio, Judith Larson, Lucero Torres and Yadira Arévalo

  1. A system where workers own, control, operate and administer their own businesses, factories, companies, etc.
  2. A system where workers discuss and make democratic decisions about the operation and administration of their own businesses.
  3. A system where workers earn a decent living-wage that allows them to live with dignity, raise a family –if so they choose- and educate their children free of debt.
  4. A system where companies’ profits are distributed equally amongst the workers -if so they choose- or where workers democratically decide to re-invest in their companies/businesses.
  5. A system with enough flexibility where workers can change jobs, careers or positions without negative economic consequences.
  6. A system where worker’s rights are honored and respected.
  7. A system that invest the wealth that all society produces in securing the basic necessities of life such as food, housing and clothing for all workers.
  8. A system that values education, health care, arts and culture and invest accordingly without burdening families with debt.
  9. A system that values the environment and uses natural resources responsibly.
  10. A system that respects humans more than profits; where human –all humans- are the main beneficiaries of the economic activity.
  11. A system that also combines political and social democracy.


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