Gabriela García
Elizabeth Medrano
Libérate! Interpreters and Translators
Co-Op Class
September 17th, 2018

Democratic Economic Power with liberatory language and healing justice would look like people who speak many languages, who have diverse identities, and abilities participating are directly involved in decision making processes in their lives and the affairs taking place in the community. This Democratic Economic Power would ensure people and community’s quality of life; cover all basic needs, and create an intersection of respect and balance with the earth and the natural elements. This Democratic Economic Power includes opportunities to labor in areas of interest with care for the laborer and resources while receiving prosperous earnings. In addition, time to rest, eat, learn; whether this is “formal” learning at an institution or center, and without having to incur debt, and “informal” learning from life knowledge/experience, play and engagement with community would be encouraged, protected and valued equally for all in the community.

Democratic Economic Power thus would reclaim, grow, and create clear structures and intentional infrastructures, like cooperatives seeking the wellbeing of all involved while dismantling capitalist, cis-tems, heteronormativity, patriarchal, xenophobic, classist, ableist BOSS structures and hoarding of resources, land and capital. Reclaiming and acknowledging that people do not have to live under oppressive capitalist structures and becoming ready to decide, and exercise the right to create humanizing and healing structures for liberatory collective sustainability and prosperity would be the focus of the Democratic Economic Power training for the people. In this way, people can contribute to building a new life where people respond and preserve their democratic processes and are committed to that and to continue to work collectively.

For Libérate! as an intentional labor or love that is for liberatory and healing, the workers support individuals, organizations, and build structures where people can learn and support the movement for language justice no matter the language. All involved receive and share knowledge, share power and trust that workers have the right to labor within uplifting networks and not under a boss. Workers trust in their individual and collective knowledge while also heal from the trauma of language colonization, border violence, gender and tongue genocide. Workers know abundance and consistently experience that there is enough for all and that it’s not about monopolizing like capitalism says.



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