Write up a brief definition of what democratic economic power means to your team.  (working class alternative to capitalism where workers determine value and direct their labor time, and services are provided as human rights)

Semillas Wellness views democratic economic power as prioritizing wellness within our structure where people come first. Members deserve to be paid a fair living wage for the value and time they invest in services provided and the daily operations that Semillas Wellness requires. The daily operations of Semillas are contingent upon each member having their basic needs met, therefore, we aim to find ways for the organization to support them if any member is experiencing hardship in meeting their needs. We believe that access to benefits is a part of meeting member’s basic needs.

Democratic Economic power also means that the members of Semillas will not only determine the programming and services Semillas provides but will also decide how to allocate surplus funds. As part of sharing power, members will ensure services are aligned with an inclusive view of holistic wellness. Yet, we will recognize views and limits of our programming. Our members will determined the programming setting parameters with collaborators and consumers. Our members will take into consideration our demographics making sure that our community will have access to our program offerings.

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