This Week in Co-op Class

By September 17, 2018September 18th, 2018Email Alerts

Hi Co-op People

Here is what is going on this week in our class:

  1. Your Team’s Definition of Democratic Economic Power:  Please make sure you’ve submitted your team’s definition of “democratic economic power” by 5 PM this evening.  Submit on the [Due by 5 pm Sept 17] section, “Submit Teamwork” tab on this assignment page.
  2. Tonight’s Agenda: 
    • Welcome back, burning questions, logistics, desired outcomes for today’s session.
    • Feedback re: when your questions from the co-op interviews may be addressed over the course of this class
    • Remaining Co-op Interview Presentations: Mandela, Design Action, Tilde & Community Language, Caracol, CORE Staffing & TightShift (briefly, please)
    • Example Definitions of Democratic Economic Power
    • Business Model Canvas Overview with Example
    • Business Model Canvas Team Exercise and Debrief
    • Description of Next Week’s Assignment: Value Proposition Canvas

See you soon


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