This Week in Co-op Class

By September 10, 2018Email Alerts

Hi Everyone

A couple of things:

  1.  August 27 Presentations: In case it is interesting or useful to you: I created a page on the course website that contains the presentations that Alfredo, Yuki, and I did last week.  You may find it here:
  3. Reminder:  Your team interview-with-a-coop assignment is due today by 5 PM. Submit through the  “submit team assignments tab” on the “Due by 5 PM Sept 10” section of this page:
  5. Today’s Agenda: Key items include: answering any burning questions, cleaning up our logistics, hearing results of co-op interviews, and building our own framework for democratic economic power.  Note: some teams, through no fault of their own,  either have not been able to arrange an interview or will be meeting with them face-to-face during the co-op conference. They have permission for a late submittal and we will hear their results next week.

See you tonight.


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